The Café du Centre started life in 1724 when the house of Deville laid the first stones on the corner of Rue Neuve du Molard and Place du Molard. In 1769 the Place du Molard was in the heart of the old port, for centuries a popular market quarter at the foot of the old town which was the seat of power for the <<prince-évêque>> and later the republic.

From 1309 the Place du Molard was the site of important commercial activities with merchandise arriving from the Rhone. Throughout the middle ages to the second half of the 18th century important trade fairs took place in Geneva several times a year lasting up to fifteen days.

In 1415, and again in 1572 new buildings were erected. The ones we see today date from 1690 and are as old as the cathedral St. Pierre. They became residential appartments in the 1800`s before reverting to commercial activities. Being part of the historical centre of local commerce the Place du Molard and the Café du Centre have been implicated in many important political and religious events in the city of Calvin.

The Place du Molard has been protected by the tower from the time of the Savoie wars overlooking the present day Café du Centre and Pavillion du Molard since 1933, renamed Café du Centre in 1944. It’s location on the Rue Neuve du Molard in bygone days named <<the Fishmongers>> refers to the fisherman who sold their catch of the day from Lake Geneva.

With reference to the market heritage of Place du Molard, the Café du Centre has built it’s reputation on offering the freshest seasonal products. The Café du Centre continues the tradition of proposing the best fresh fish and now due to modern transportation we can now offer our famous seafood all year round.

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